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Modified Pilates based on Physiotherapy Principles

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There is a maximum of 11 students in each Pilates class. This allows ongoing supervision of all participants. Your Physiotherapist will modify different exercises for you individually as required, and progression to the next level of Pilates only occurs when you are ready.

Classes run in blocks of 6 weeks. This allows a programme to be set for each individual block of classes, with the sessions prepared and progressed as appropriate for the class members.

Booking is essential

Matwork Beginners Pilates Classes: (back to top)

These classes are designed for those who are new to Pilates, or have had a lengthy break from the discipline. They are also very suitable if you have long standing back or neck pain, if you are recovering post-injury or if you have recently given birth.

Matwork Intermediate Pilates Classes: (back to top)

These classes are  more of an intermediate level of Pilates for those who have practised Pilates previously or have progressed through previous ‘Pilates Clinic Retford’ courses.

Matwork Advanced Pilates Classes:

Advanced Pilates is available  in Thursday 5.30pm classes and 1:1 sessions

Pilates in Pregnancy: (back to top)

Classes can be designed for mums-to-be in the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy. A number of Pilates exercises are modified to make them appropriate for you, and sessions will target and condition the different muscle groups and movement patterns required in preparation for pregnancy, labour and beyond. Pregnancy specific modifications can also be integrated into small beginner level Pilates classes.

Class requirements: (back to top)

* 1:1 sessions may be more appropriate for some conditions, this will be discussed at your initial consultation.  “Contact us” for more information or to discuss your personal requirements.

1:1 Initial Consultation & Assessment: (back to top)

All Clients of Pilates Clinic Retford must undergo an initial consultation and assessment prior to commencing classes or follow-up 1:1 Pilates sessions.

This session will include an assessment of your posture, spinal and joint mobility, and muscle length and function. Your Physiotherapist will teach you the key elements of Pilates, ensure you know how to set your body in neutral alignment to achieve the most benefit out of future Pilates exercises, and teach you how to engage your core stabilising muscles.

This assessment not only determines your current level of ability in Pilates, but it also highlights any “problem” areas to work on. It also means that the content of the class or follow-up 1:1 sessions can be planned in advance, and your Physiotherapist will be aware of which exercises to pay particular attention to.

The consultation aspect gives you the opportunity to ask questions and highlight any concerns you may have about commencing Pilates, be it due to pain, pregnancy or just uncertainty.

Prior to your initial assessment, you will be sent a health questionnaire and registration form to complete. This can either be sent by e-mail or by post.

1:1 Follow-up Sessions: (back to top)

1:1 sessions may be more appropriate for you if you are:


 confidence prior to commencing classes

1:1 sessions will be tailored specifically for you, and exercises that are most appropriate to your needs will be focused upon. A personal Pilates based home exercise programme will be developed, and exercise sheets will be produced at the end of each session.

1:1 sessions can be booked on a weekly, fortnightly or less frequent basis – it’s up to you!

Location: (back to top)

Initial consultations and 1:1 treatment sessions

can be carried out in Pilates Clinic Retford's

dedicated studio, or in your own home.**

1:1 appointments can be arranged for a mutually

convenient time: daytime sessions are available in

addition to evening slots.

** There will be no extra cost for appointments in your home if you live in Retford. If you live outside Retford, home appointments are still possible but will incur an additional charge to cover travel time and expenses. This will be discussed with your Physiotherapist and agreed upon BEFORE your appointment.

Class Timetable: (back to top)

All Courses are held in the Studio at Pilates Clinic Retford's premises on Chapelgate in Retford.


9.30am ~ Matwork Beg/Inter Pilates Course

11.45am ~ Matwork Beginner Pilates Course

6.30pm ~ Matwork Beginner Pilates Course

7.30pm~ Matwork Beg/Inter Pilates Course


6.30pm ~ Matwork Beginner Pilates Course

7.30pm ~ Matwork Beginner Pilates Course (Feb 2017)


6.00pm ~ Matwork Beg/Inter Pilates  Course

7.00pm ~ Gymball Pilates Course

8.00pm ~ Matwork Beg/Inter Pilates  Course


9.30am ~ Matwork Intermediate Pilates Course

10.30am ~ Matwork Beginner Pilates Course

5.30pm ~ Matwork Advanced Pilates Course

Contact us to find out latest availability and course dates

Mats and small equipment are provided.

Please wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement.

Please bring a towel and water bottle to each class or 1:1 session.

If demand is sufficient, additional classes can be arranged; pregnancy specific, post-natal specific, stroke-rehabilitation specific or occupation-specific are just a few examples. 

Costs: (back to top)

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation (required prior to commencing classes):

£50 (approx 1 hour)


Block of 6 classes: £45 (Booking & pre payment essential)

1:1 Follow Ups

1:1 follow-up sessions: £50 (1 hour)

Follow-up sessions for 2, 3 or 4 friends together can be arranged, costs will vary dependant on numbers and location.

Please note:

A full fee may be applicable if less than 24 hours notice is given for cancellation of your initial consultation , follow-up sessions or any taster sessions.

Due to the small numbers and nature of the Pilates classes, a refund cannot be given for any missed classes. It may however be possible to arrange a catch-up session before the next block begins.

Ideal for: Injury Prevention Pregnancy and Post Natal* Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain* Rehabilitation Post-Injury* Strength and Muscle Tone Postural Problems Core Stability Strengthening Pelvic Floor Neurological Conditions* * 1:1 sessions may be more appropriate for some conditions, this will be discussed at your initial consultation. Pilates Classes (back to top)) Click on required link # # # # # # # # # # Telephone:  07543 944938 e-mail: info@pilatesclinicretford.co.uk