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Modified Pilates based on Physiotherapy Principles

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Healthy HIT Pilates

Fast. Furious. Fun.

Our new Healthy HIT Pilates classes are a combination of high intensity interval training (HIT) and Pilates movements, combined into 6 weekly fast paced 30 minute classes.

HIT is a great concept, and the physiology behind it is fascinating. However, many people completing HIT programs do so with very poor technique, and work at a level that their bodies may not be capable of. The APPI's Healthy HIT program ensures that those same amazing benefits of the HIT physiology is achieved, but with correct form and function.

Burn calories for long after you have finished exercising.  Full body workout, cardio training AND stability & control work.

Class Timetable:

All Courses are held in the Studio at Pilates Clinic Retford's premises on Chapelgate in Retford.

Mondays at 1pm

Thursday Evening Classes starting soon

Telephone:  07543 944938 e-mail: info@pilatesclinicretford.co.uk