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Neurological Rehabilitation Pilates Classes

Thursdays: 11:45am

Our weekly Neurological Rehabilitation Pilates classes are run in conjunction with the MS Society (Retford Support Group). Although they are tailored for Multiple Sclerosis, all classes are planned and led by an experienced Neurological Physiotherapist. Several volunteers assist each week making each exercise very adaptable and suitable for many other Neurological conditions too.

With a new circuits-based approach, these classes are suitable for both wheelchair users and the more ambulant. They will improve your posture, movement, strength, pain, balance, general well-being and more.

Our Neurological Rehabilitation Pilates classes are run on a not-for-profit basis. As we have an absolute maximum of 12 per class, we take block-bookings every 6-9 weeks. A Physiotherapy Pilates assessment at the clinic is essential prior to starting these classes (please enquire for prices).

Several Pilates Clinic Retford members with Neurological conditions attend our mat-based Pilates classes. If you have the ability to get on and off the floor independently and have adequate standing balance, these may be the classes for you.

Jo Pritchard, Neurological Physiotherapist and owner of Pilates Clinic Retford, lectures on Pilates for Neurology for the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) across the UK. This involves training other healthcare professionals on how to adapt Pilates for the Neurological client and apply Pilates to their treatment regime.

Telephone:  07543 944938 e-mail: info@pilatesclinicretford.co.uk